Articles of CISTP

Article 1  China Institute for Science and Technology Policy at Tsinghua University (CISTP) is jointly established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University.

Article 2  CISTP is positioned as "high starting point, broad vision, forward-looking and international". Centering on the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, sustainable development strategy and long-term national development goals, CISTP carries out theoretical and applied research in the fields of international science and technology development trend, national science and technology development strategy and relevant public policies. It has gradually developed into a world-class research base and think tank providing decision-making advice and policy suggestions to the state and relevant ministries and commissions in the field of science and technology development strategy and policy.

Article 3  Main tasks of CISTP are as follows: 1.To study the future development direction of science and technology according to the international development trend of science and technology; 2.To carry out theoretical and applied research on science and technology development strategy and public policy in national science and technology and related economic and social fields, centering on the national long-term science and technology development plan; 3.To carry out scientific and technological development strategy and policy research and related consulting, training and services in accordance with the national scientific and technological work priorities and recent tasks; 4.To promote international cooperation and exchanges and carry out research on international science and technology development strategies and policies; 5.Training of high-level specialized personnel; 6.To undertake public policy research, consultation and international cooperation, and carry out high-level special training and other services entrusted by relevant departments and institutions at home and abroad.

Article 4  CISTP according to the innovative mode of operation, fully implement the "open, flow, competition and joint operation mechanism, adopt the management mode of the combination of physical and virtual form under the CISTP overall coordination, carrying out responsibility system of project team (group), with academic activities as the carrier to promote contact between researchers, and to encourage resource sharing, strengthen cooperation with other academic research institutions.

Article 5  The Council is the highest decision-making body of CISTP. The council is composed of people from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, science and technology management departments of relevant ministries and commissions, research institutions and other relevant people.

CISTP has a standing council. The executive council consists of representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, The Research Office of the State Council, the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University and some policy research institutions. During the recess of the council, the standing Council shall exercise the functions of the Council.

The Board shall have one chairman (from the current leader of the Ministry of Science and Technology) and two vice chairmen (from the current leader of tsinghua University and the Ministry of Science and Technology);One secretary General (current head of relevant department of Tsinghua University) and one executive Secretary.

The candidates for the board members (director and executive director), chairman and vice chairman shall be nominated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University and determined in coordination with relevant departments. The chairman nominates the secretary-general and the executive secretary-general and reports to the board of governors (standing Council) for approval.

Director and deputy director responsible for the examination and the development direction of policy center, work report, budget and final accounts related to the center of development and the important matters, and submitted to the board (the standing council), the director to call the council (the standing council), the director if he/she is unable to attend the meeting convened by the vice President is responsible for.

The secretary general and the executive Secretary are responsible for reporting the work of CISTP to the president and vice President, preparing for the convening of the Council and the standing Council and coordinating the affairs of the meeting, keeping working contact with the CISTP Director and deputy director, negotiating and promoting the implementation of CISTP work.

Directors (executive directors) have the right to advise on CISTP work; Voting at CISTP meetings; To participate in national and international activities organized by CISTP; To obtain relevant information; Participate in CISTP research projects and get remuneration according to the actual work undertaken.

The meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held once a year and shall be effective if more than half of the participants attend the meeting, and matters adopted by more than half of the participants vote shall be effective resolutions, but major issues shall be adopted by more than two-thirds of the participants. The convening of the standing council shall be determined by the chairman and vice-chairman, and their procedures shall be the same as the meetings of the council. The term of office of the Council is five years.

Article 6  CISTP shall have one director and two deputy directors (one from the Ministry of Science and Technology and one from Tsinghua University). Several assistants to the director.

The director shall be nominated by the Council and appointed by Tsinghua University after being examined and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and relevant departments of Tsinghua University. The Director nominates the Deputy Director and the Assistant Director for approval by the Standing Council and is appointed by CISTP.CISTP is presided over by the director of the daily work, deputy director, director assistant to assist the director. The CISTP director is responsible for organizing and formulating the work regulations of the policy Center and reporting them to the executive Council for approval and implementation. CISTP may set up relevant institutions according to research needs and carry out work according to work regulations.

Article 7 CISTP adopts the director responsibility system under the leadership of the Council. The director shall report to the executive council regularly. The Council (Standing Council) considers the work plan, budget, final accounts and major matters related to the development of CISTP submitted by the Director.

Article 8  CISTP shall set up an advisory advisory committee, which shall be composed of the leaders of relevant ministries and commissions and senior experts and scholars at home and abroad, to advise, consult and guide the development direction and research work of CISTP. The candidates for the advisory committee shall be nominated by the CISTP Director and submitted to the Council for approval.

Article 9  CISTP shall have an honorary president and honorary Director. The candidates shall be nominated by the Council and submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the relevant departments of Tsinghua University for approval.

Article 10  The interpretation of the Articles of association belongs to the Council. Any amendment or supplement to the articles of association shall be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the relevant departments of Tsinghua University for approval.