Research Fields

Theory and Empirical study of science and technology globalization

Carry out theoretical and empirical research on transnational scientific and technological activities of scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises under the background of globalization, analyze the driving force and trend of the development of scientific and technological globalization and its impact on different countries and regions.

National Innovation System theory and Empirical research

Tracking and developing the theoretical frontier of national innovation system, comparing the innovation systems and innovation policy models of various countries, studying the functional orientation of various innovation subjects in the national innovation system, as well as the related institutional, management and policy issues of scientific and technological personnel training, standards and intellectual property rights.

Research on policy system and policy process of science and technology

Carry out theoretical, empirical and comparative studies on the policy system, policy means and policy process of science and technology, analyze the case of the policy process of science and technology, and study the policy support for independent innovation under the condition of globalization.

Education development Strategy and Higher Education research

Theoretical, empirical and international comparative studies on education development strategies and policies, higher education management system, research university construction, sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, etc.