Adjunct Research Fellow

He Haiyan

Professor, Dean, Institute of Education, Beijing Institute of Technology

Sun Zhijun

Professor and Party Secretary, School of Economics and Business Administration, Beijing Normal University

Wang Shugui

Executive Vice President of Enlightenment Holding Co., LTD

Mao Hao

Associate Professor, Development Research Center, National Intellectual Property Administration

Wang Yiyi

Professor and director of Institute of Standardization Theory and Strategy, China Academy of Standardization

Pang Shi

Researcher, Chinese Academy of Personnel Sciences

Chen Yantai

Executive Dean and researcher, School of Politics and Public Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology

Sun Yan

Deputy Director of international Liaison Department, Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Yuan Junpeng

Researcher, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China

Kang Xiaoming

Associate Professor, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dong Jielin

Professor, Director, Research Center for Enterprise Innovation and Development, Soochow University

Pan Shaohua

President, International Credibility Institute (China)

Bai Jie

Consul of Chinese Embassy in India

Hou Junjun

Professor, Division Director of Social Sciences, Hunan University

Nie Xiaohong

Senior human resource consultant, Vice president of Nanjing Huiren Corporate Growth Club

Xiong Yu

Chair Professor, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK

Feng Kaidong

Associate Professor, School of Government, Peking University

Zhang Yan

Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, Beihang University

Ma Jun

Director of overseas Project Department, Institute of Scientific Research, Tsinghua University, associate Researcher

Tao Haiqing

Guangzhou Yipo New Energy Industry Investment Management Co., LTD. General manager

Wang Xi

Associate Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics

Zhi Qiang

Associate Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics

Chen Jia

Assistant Professor, Beijing Forestry University

Yu Wenhua

Associate Professor, School of Grammar, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Zhang Huasheng

Director, General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology