Advisory Research Fellow

Ma Junru

Former Director of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Yu Jingyuan

Former Deputy Director of 710 Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Ma Weiye

Vice President and Secretary General of China Patent Protection Association, former Director general of Patent Administration Department of the State Intellectual Property Office

Kong Dechong

Former Director of China Research Center for Science and Technology for Development

Tan Songhua

Former Deputy Director, National Research Center for Educational Development, Ministry of Education

Gu Shulin

Professor, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Ping 

Former deputy chief engineer and researcher of China Institute of Standardization

Wang Delu 

Director and researcher of Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Research Institute

Ji Mingming 

Former Vice President of National Institute of Education Administration

Li Xinnan 

Former inspector of Innovation and Development Office, Ministry of Science and Technology

Fang Yan 

Former Deputy director of science and Technology Evaluation Center, Ministry of Science and Technology

Mei Yonghong 

Director of Shenzhen National Gene Bank, Chairman of Huada Agricultural Group

Zhao Fuquan 

Professor, President, Institute of Automotive Industry and Technology Strategy, Tsinghua University

Chen Zhaoying 

Former Deputy Director of National Centre for Science and Technology Assessment, Consultant and Researcher of EVALUATION Office of United Nations Development Programme

Wang Yuan

Former executive vice president and researcher of China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy

Zhang Jing-an 

Former Secretary General of Ministry of Science and Technology, member of party Leadership Group, former President of Science and Technology Daily

Chen Zhaoying 

Former deputy director and researcher of National Science and Technology Assessment Center