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China AI Development Report 2018 conference was successfully held

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    On July 13th, the "China Artificial Intelligence Development Report 2018" conference and symposium was held in the Tsinghua University. Professor Zhou Yu, dean of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University first represented Tsinghua to give the welcome speech.



Professor Zhou Yu gave the welcome speech 


In the following, Li Guojie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zhang Jingan, former member of the National Science and Technology Ministry and member of the China Science and Technology System Reform Research Association respectively gave



Professor Li Guojie



Mr. Zhang Jingan 


Lan Xue, professor and dean of the School of Public Policy & Management and director of the China Institute for Science and Technology of Tsinghua University introduced the main contents of the "China AI Development 2018" on behalf the research group.



Professor Lan Xue introduced the report 


Liang Zheng, deputy director of the China Institute for Science and Technology Policy of Tsinghua University presided over the ceremony, inviting Mr. Guojie Li, Mr. Jingan Zhang, professor Lan Xue and other guests to jointly unveil the report.  




Guests jointly unveil the report



Afer the launch ceremony, it came to the dialogue session. The guests had a heated discussion on the content of the report and related topics and interacted with the audiences.



Guests interacted with the audiences



Guests interacted with the audiences

After the dialogue session, the moderator announced the end of the conference.