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CEO of Siemens China talks about digital future and innovation

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On April 13th, the 128th Mingde Forum and the third “Intelligent Manufacturing and Open Innovation Forum” were held in the Room 321 of School of Public Policy & Management. At the beginning, professor Lan Xue presented Tsinghua University to Mr. Herman consultant professor appointment letter.


After the appointment ceremony, Professor Hermann was invited to give a keynote speech entitled “Shaping Digital Future with Innovation and People”. He pointed out that the digital age has arrived and is bringing fundamental changes to all walks of life. Professor Herman selected three areas to analyze the profound impact of digital production: manufacturing (Industry 4.0), energy efficiency and smart infrastructure.


He also shared the digital business strategy of Siemens and how Siemens can help companies in the digital age through innovation. In addition, he also explored the new requirements for digital training and job skills, and proposed his own advice to young students from a manager's perspective.


More than 60 teachers and students from Tsinghua, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Normal University attended the forum, and disscussed with Professor Herman on intelligent manufacturing, the digital future with open innovation and education and employment challenges brought by artificial intelligence on these hot issues. After the meeting, Professor Lan Xue presented gifts to Mr. Herman on behalf of the School of Public Policy & Management.


The “Intelligent Manufacturing and Open Innovation” forum is jointly sponsored by China Institute for Science and Technology Policy of Tsinghua University, Siemens (China) Co. Ltd. and Co-innovation Center for State Governance. The series of forums will be devoted to the exchange and sharing of ideas related to smart manufacturing, practical experience and policy thinking. It aims to provide relevant experts, scholars, industry and government departments with research and communication platforms for especially manufacturing innovation, development and governance.