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Deputy director Zheng Liang accepted the interview by Science

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Recently, the deputy director of CISTP, professor Liang Zheng, accepted an interview with the US Science magazine and expressed his views on the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Participation of Foreign Scientists in the National Science and Technology Planby the Ministry of Science and Technology. 


Promoting the participation of foreign scientists in the demonstration, management, research and evaluation of national science and technology projects is a major breakthrough in the opening up of science and technology projects in China, and has attracted widespread attention from experts and scholars at home and abroad.


In the interview, Liang Zheng pointed out: Compared with the original policy, encouraging foreign scientists to lead and participate in national science and technology plan projects, especially to be independent as project leader (PI), is a major innovation that helps attract global technology talents and promote the development of China's science and technology.


     "Simon says foreign scientists are drawn by Chinas increased spending on R&D, which is rising twice as fast as its economic growth. Increasingly ambitious big science projects, such as a massive particle accelerator now under study, are a lure as well, says Cao Cong, a science policy specialist at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, a Chinese affiliate of the U.K. university. The opportunity for foreign scientists to serve as principal investigators for publicly funded programs is a significant new incentive, says Liang Zheng, who studies science and technology policy at Tsinghua University in Beijing."

-------  "With generous funding and top-tier jobs, China seeks to lure science talent from abroad", 

Science,  Jun. 5, 2018


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