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“See the Future”–The first Sino-British Artificial Intelligence Dialogue was held in Cambridge

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“See the Future”–The first Sino-British Artificial Intelligence Dialogue was held in Cambridge



On May 3rd-4th, the first Sino-British Artificial Intelligence Dialogue was successfully held in the Cambridge Science and Technology Park in the UK. The theme of the conference was “Technological Forecasting and Social Changes in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”.


The conference was hosted by School of Public Policy & Management of Tsinghua University, Oxford University Technology Management Development Center, Enlighten Holdings Co., Ltd., Northumbria University Newcastle Business School, Co-innovation Center for State Governance, and China Institute for Science and Technology Policy of Tsinghua University.


Nearly 30 experts, scholars, industry professionals and representatives of international organizations from China and the UK attended the conference, and focused the discussion on the technical foresight of artificial intelligence, the future social situation and its impact on the development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence applications and industrial practices and intelligent governance and policy thinking.



Experts Discussion


The meeting on the first day morning was divided into two roundtable discussions. The first roundtable discussied on “Foresight of Artificial Intelligence Technology Development”. During the discussion, the guests discussed on the “general methods for technology foresight”, “exploration of artificial intelligence technology foresight methods”, “the trend of future artificial intelligence technology development”, and “the socio-economic impact of future artificial intelligence technology development”. The second roundtable discussion was about “Future Social Scenarios and their requirements for the development of Artificial Intelligence”. In the discussion, the experts discussed the issues of “the basic methods foreseen by social scenarios”, “Foreseeing social scenarios of artificial intelligence development” and “How future social scenarios affect the development of artificial intelligence technologies”.




Professor Lan Xue delivered the speech



Professor Xiaolan Fu of Oxford expressed points


The afternoon agenda was open to the public and broadcast live. More than 60 people from Cambridge and other parts of the UK attended the event, and more than 500 people watched the live webcast. In the industry forum entitled “Artificial Intelligence Application and Practice”, Hongjiang Zhang, Paul Beasley and Syrus Lohrasb made wonderful keynote speeches respectively. In the policy forum entitled “Artificial Intelligence Governance and Policy”, Lan Xue, Rongping Mu, Ed Steinmueller, Liangdi Wang, and John Hauert conducted special discussions as special guests and interacted with the audience. 




Forum guests answer the question



Forum guests answer the question 


On May 4th, the guests visited the Cambridge Science Park. Zhuocun Lin highlighted the development process of Enlighten Group, the global layout in the new era, and the business status and development plan of Enlightenment in the UK.




Zhuocun Lin introduced Engligten Company


Liang Zheng,The deputy director of CISTP, made a closing speech and expressed sincere gratitude to the participating experts, listeners and various cooperation and support units, and announced The first Sino-British Artificial Intelligence Dialogue came to the end.